Why Hire a Professional Auctioneer?

Many Non-Profit and Benefit organizations spend a great deal of time planning and preparing for their Annual Galas. Time is taken to find the right venue, caterers and entertainment. Using a Professional Auctioneer is just as important to your overall fundraising efforts as making sure your guests are enjoying the evening.

Local Celebrities, Parents or Friends of the Organization may be tempting to use as the Live Auctioneer; however, it takes more than a strong voice and quick wit would make a good auctioneer. Professional Auctioneers are trained on reading a crowd, exciting the audience and initiate a competitive spirit between donors. Setting a fast pace with high energy will create an entertaining part of your overall event and will increase profits and have your donors returning year after year.

Most Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) include time lines, offer suggestions of Live Auction Item order and can help with the evening’s agenda or program. Working with a Professional, BAS Certified auctioneer will attending Committee Meetings and work with the Fundraising Chairperson months prior to the event to ensure a smooth and profitable evening.

Professional Auctioneers offer special rates for Non-Profit entities and can include Check-in/Check-out services, pre-registration, professional Ringmen (bid callers) and Clerks to keep the lines short during critical times. Some BAS Certified Auctioneers offer On-Line bidding platforms in addition to the Live Auction Portion of the event.

How to you choose your Professional Auctioneer is key. It is important to interview any potential Auctioneer to make sure they are reputable and have the necessary experience, talent and personality to lead the live auction and help your committee. Ask your potential auctioneer how long they’ve been in practice, how many events they’ve participated in the last year and how they can help raise additional revenues outside of the traditional Live and Silent Auction. Working with an auctioneer who does hold a BAS Title means they’ve attended several classes and seminars on how to maximize your income by providing an enjoyable, entertaining and fun event for your donors.

Questions to ask of a Benefit Auctioneer:

  1. How long have you been in the Auction Industry?
  2. Are you have a Benefit Auctioneer Specialty (BAS) Certification?
  3. What Services can you provide?
  4. What other events have you conducted?
  5. Do you have videos from past events?
  6. Can you supply a list of references?
  7. How do you keep your audience engaged?